New Map of Ukraine

New Map of Ukraine


Monday, September 3, 2007


Hi Everyone! HAPPY LABOR DAY! Today we have been home for 8 weeks with our 3 children! Well, Summer is officially over but here in Florida, we have many more months of hot weather, so we will still be going to the beach & the pool with the kids for quite a while. Our 3 children are adjusting very well to their new home with us here, & we are so happy how things are many people who have met them comment on how "HAPPY" they are, & it's true--they are great kids who are very happy, they seem to love their home, their room, their pets, their activities...they love to help Mama & Papa, & we love them! We thank God we made the trip to Ukraine & that He led us to these 3 beautiful souls.

The days have just flown by--Each day is new & different as seen through the eyes of a 4 year old, 5 year old & 7 year old! It gets very busy as soon as they wake up until it's time for bed, & then we're exhausted, so we have been severely lacking in writing here or keeping up on our normal communications with friends & loved ones. We apologize again & again for not keeping this up, have great intentions of writing regularly, yet "POOF"! A month has passed--now it's been 2 months...

After much serious thought & research, we made the decision to Home School the children until we feel they have a better grasp of the English language before entering them into the school system, as they really didn't have any official schooling in Ukraine, especially our 7 year old son, so we really want to help him to build up his English comprehension so that he can understand the teachers better...the other 2 should also find it easier to cope in the long run this way as well. We've had a nice gal who speaks Russian visit us a couple of times a week to translate what we want to communicate & teach them, & then they will be getting additional tutoring 2x a week starting in the next couple of weeks, so since we've already been working hard helping them to learn the alphabet, their address & phone #, how to write their names, to count & ultimately to read, we'll take this track for now. They are speaking very well, each at their own pace, & in 8 short weeks it's amazing how much they understand considering they only spoke Russian when they arrived!


Saturday, August 4, 2007

Home a MONTH!

We are SURE all of you have given up on us writing on our blog by now...Please accept our apologies as we really didn't fall off the face of the Earth when we touched down in Tampa,FL (although we ARE in Hurricane season now.)!

We have so MUCH to say, & yet with 3 kids, we have so LITTLE time (Surprise-surprise!) to write...We will try to write about our adoption experience from where we left off & catch you up to present time, it's easier for everyone to follow, & this way we can make sure WE don't forget those special times as well!

Let's just quickly say tonight that all 3 kids are fine, they are adjusting nicely to their new lives in America & to their new home, family & (HOT) surroundings. We have also adjusted nicely to having an instant family of 5! We WILL say that the "Honeymoon period" is officially over, & that we are all learning to live together despite language differences & each of our own personal life experiences...

So there will be more to come very soon as things start? to settle down and we can actually get to the computer to write without a (feels like) thousand interruptions--blessed as they may be, they STILL are interruptions! Oh well, it's been a very interesting month, much more good than bad, & we'll fill you in shortly--WE PROMISE!!! Also, we have many pictures to add as well! As Stephanie says when she's on the phone with her Grandma when she's done: "So, Bye Bye!"

Laura & Ed

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! We made it home last night after a VERY LONG DAY & being up for over 24 hours! We'll write more tomorrow, but we are all doing well & we are trying to catch up`on some much needed sleep. We have lot's of funny stories to tell you, so we'll write soon now that we are home again. Thank you for your prayers & good wishes, they worked! ;-)

Love, Laura & Ed, Michael, Stephanie & Alex

Monday, July 2, 2007


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Hi Everyone! Sorry we haven’t written more recently, but we’ve been VERY busy this past week being parents to 3 kids who speak about as much English as we speak Russian! We will write more once we’re back home to catch you all up on our last week in Ukraine, & to finally post pictures! We won’t forget, don’t worry! It’s 12:36AM now, we’re 99% done packing & our facilitator & landlord will be here in the morning at 6AM.
We have to be at the airport at 7:30 for our 9AM flight out of Kyiv on Ukraine International (That’s 2AM EST). So by the time most of you are up having your breakfast, we’ll have HOPEFULLY changed planes safely in London’s Gatwick Airport & will be already crossing the Atlantic Ocean on our last leg of the trip to Tampa, FL. It’s kind of a scary time to be flying British Airways, so we ask all of you to kindly say a prayer for our new little (?) family to arrive home safely. We should arrive in Tampa, FL by 5PM God willing, with Mom & Dad waiting to meet their 3 new grandchildren for the 1st time!!! Oh Happy Day! We love you all, & will write more very soon…Laura & Ed

Friday, June 29, 2007

The pictures didn't down load. We will figure this out and post pictures.


Ed and Laura