New Map of Ukraine

New Map of Ukraine


Monday, September 3, 2007


Hi Everyone! HAPPY LABOR DAY! Today we have been home for 8 weeks with our 3 children! Well, Summer is officially over but here in Florida, we have many more months of hot weather, so we will still be going to the beach & the pool with the kids for quite a while. Our 3 children are adjusting very well to their new home with us here, & we are so happy how things are many people who have met them comment on how "HAPPY" they are, & it's true--they are great kids who are very happy, they seem to love their home, their room, their pets, their activities...they love to help Mama & Papa, & we love them! We thank God we made the trip to Ukraine & that He led us to these 3 beautiful souls.

The days have just flown by--Each day is new & different as seen through the eyes of a 4 year old, 5 year old & 7 year old! It gets very busy as soon as they wake up until it's time for bed, & then we're exhausted, so we have been severely lacking in writing here or keeping up on our normal communications with friends & loved ones. We apologize again & again for not keeping this up, have great intentions of writing regularly, yet "POOF"! A month has passed--now it's been 2 months...

After much serious thought & research, we made the decision to Home School the children until we feel they have a better grasp of the English language before entering them into the school system, as they really didn't have any official schooling in Ukraine, especially our 7 year old son, so we really want to help him to build up his English comprehension so that he can understand the teachers better...the other 2 should also find it easier to cope in the long run this way as well. We've had a nice gal who speaks Russian visit us a couple of times a week to translate what we want to communicate & teach them, & then they will be getting additional tutoring 2x a week starting in the next couple of weeks, so since we've already been working hard helping them to learn the alphabet, their address & phone #, how to write their names, to count & ultimately to read, we'll take this track for now. They are speaking very well, each at their own pace, & in 8 short weeks it's amazing how much they understand considering they only spoke Russian when they arrived!


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